Mia Khalifa, the porn star who became famous through an act of hypocrisy. 🀣

More than 5 years ago, the world saw rising porn star Mia Khalifa wearing a burqa and fucking a big boy hard with her stepmother. Men in some Arab countries were pissed when they saw the videos because it was an affront to their religion. Problem? It's that they.... seen ... the video... Β LOL

She needs no introduction so I'll just leave her Twitter, Instagram and Onlyfans here so you can keep up with her content.

Of course, I'll pass along a few videos below to remind you of all the porn she's worked on while in the industry.

And who can forget the scenes below?

Miss Khalifa is always around those porn sites like XHamster. Just check it.

We've also done a couple of Mia posts before, on a quickie here and on test to Artificial Intelligence here.

Get well done! πŸ˜‰