All of Portugal know who she is, what about you?

Diana Cu de Melancia (translates to Diane Watermelon's Ass - true story) is a porn actress from Portugal. She's a verified performer on Pornhub and she's sharing videos there so you can watch them for free.

Diana is known for having a "watermelon ass" for pretty obvious reasons. Her career started on Pornhub when she and her then boyfriend decided to upload an anal sex video there.

Everyone loved it and it got so many views that agents wanted to hire her, and she became an international porn sensation! Initially, Diana wore a mask to hide her identity, but now she uses it as her signature so everyone knows who she is.

Her goal in the porn business is to make movies that excite people and show that anyone who is sexy and has a camera can become a porn star.
She hopes to inspire people to become their own porn fantasies. She inspires us all right!



Here are some photos and videos taken from his Twitter. We also share her TikTok and her most perverted links on IsMyGirl and Fansly.

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